First year FTC  Jaret cutting metal.

Miranda working on the engineering notebook.

The Engineering Notebook is an integral part of the engineering process. In it we chronicle our entire season. We show our design process, programming, community outreach, team building, decision making and much more. It is important to catalog all of this information not only because it is required in order to win awards at competitions but also because it is part of the learning process - it teaches organization and important documentation skills that are necessary in school and in later careers. Every team member contributes to the notebook regardless of their role on Fusion, therefore it is useful in understanding team dynamics and how everyone is involved. To view our 2017-2018 season notebook click the button below. We hope you enjoy learning more about our team.

An Ethan CAD of our collection system.

Rhett testing the program he made.

Our robot in competition.

Pictures taken by Chris Yan from

​Up-A-Creek team 11260


Engineering Notebook




Our yearly team photo .

Talking to a boy scout troop about robotics.

Engineering Notebook

2018-2019 Robot



Amazon Smile


The 2019-2020 season officially began on September 7, 2018. This year's competition is called SKYSTONE.

Zach is building a lift for our robot.


Testing weight on different wheels.

Standing in front of the Saturn V Rocket

Sanding a spacer for our lifting mechanism.

The competition fields at the Butte Qualifiers.


1st place at the Apollo 50th Next Giant Leap Student Challenge (ANGLES)

Programming, building, and talking to other people at qualifiers.

One of our favorite, goofy team photos. 

Working on a part organizer.

Emily and Ethan working on robot arm.


Working on the robot at the Butte Qualifiers.





Ethan doing his CAD.

Rhett working on our autonomous program. 

The robot we used during the Qualifiers in Butte, MT.

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Hanging out with the Eureka teams before Helena Qualifiers.

We named this year's robot Oracle after a set of architecture applications that combines many practices in order to benefit the many facets of architecture.

The Challenge

Just won Inspire Award at the Montana Championship.

Fusion 4133

Miranda spray painting new back plate

We won the Think award in Wyoming

Pictures taken by Chris Yan from 

​Up-A-Creek team 11260

Opening ceremony at Wyoming.

​Pictures taken by Chris Yan from

Up-A-Creek team 11260